Leadership & Possibility

From the onset, PHC has had Leadership and Possibility at the core of my business model. Having been lucky enough to have had a great deal of Training and Development monies invested in my career, especially during my times at Diageo and Coca Cola, this was one of the key reasons for the success that myself and my Teams enjoyed.

“Being able to see what others cannot see is the mantra of my approach, using techniques and, importantly, operational examples to convey the learnings”. – Phil Humphreys

It is engaging, personal, and intensely rewarding learning as we explore personal relationships, owning the entire agenda not just your own, Team interdependence and affinity with one another, and having ‘The Conversation’ with others when it is easier to simply say the right thing! All of which will deliver brilliant performance and exceptional results. Guaranteed!!

What I have learnt during my business career to date compliment the personal interest I have always had with positive thinking literature and techniques. From Jack Black to Antony Robins, that was the reading material I used to get stuck into during my lengthy air travels!