Emerging Market Competency & Skillset

The second competence stream is Emerging Market Competency and Skillset. This explores what it will take to really succeed in emerging markets, and particularly in Sub Sahara Africa and South East and South West Asia, two prominent and vibrant growth economies of our time today. Again, using my operational experience rather than simply textbooks and theories, we cover an array of learnings that will set individuals and companies up for success from the very start.

Too many entry attempts fail today because of a lack of judgment, sheer naivety or poor preparation. – Phil Humphreys

Having also worked across Eastern Europe, India and South America, I have extensive knowledge of the tools that you will need to ensure that your company’s performance is exceptional and sustainable. We also touch on Corporate Social Responsibility here, giving back to the local economies where poverty and malnourishment and water shortages often prevail.

This is a hugely rewarding side of the learning and often enables a Company to be judged in a different light by governments and NGO’s as opposed to if they had simply concentrated on only the local employment effects and GDP growth.