Small Business Performance Enhancement

This is all about Small Business Performance Enhancement. This is truly close to my heart as, living in Cornwall, I see so many fantastic new start up businesses growing each year:

Learning along the way, many artisans with unbelievable talent and skills often don’t have the experience of managing the complexities of a business – Phil Humphreys

Not only can this ensure that the business is sustainable and profitable, but it often leads to maximizing the value of the company and raising the necessary funds through having a solid, well thought through and structured long term business plan.

We cover all of the components that a small business will require from simple strategy, to financial management, brand building, Public Relations and Communication and long term strategic planning. Quite simply A to Z of running a business! Also, having a real passion for food and beverages and home cooking, it excites me to see the continued success of innovative start up businesses that can provide a differentiated product offering to the consumer and expanding our taste buds and enjoyment of food to another level! Any small business, any location, any area of expertise!

There is such a lot of common learnings than can be applied and, again, I use my experience and judgment of having worked across multi channels, multi countries and multi faceted businesses, both fledgling and established, to convey my point.