Here’s what others are saying:

Phil is an inspirational leader of teams and made his mark in our Asian/ African businesses over the last few years . He is commercially astute and coupled with some of the best PEOPLE skills in the business he was able to successfully inspire and motivate teams to produce extraordinary results.

Phil has some of the best RELATIONSHIPS in the business and will always find a way to solve problems in a pragmatic way. We can highly recommend Phil .

– Doug Jackson
Chief Executive Officer of Coca Cola SABCO

I had the pleasure of working with Phil at Nestlé and Diageo. He was an outstanding client in every respect. With an amazing long term strategic vision, incredible energy and an extraordinary attention to detail, he galvanised both his team and ours to deliver some truly world class activations across the world.

His impact on our business was profound and he played an important role in helping us define and shape the future direction of our company. This has proved to be a key factor in our success and without doubt given us competitive advantage.

I’ve never met anyone like Phil, and probably never will. I’m very proud to call him a friend and wish him well in everything he does.

– Robert Thorpe
Managing Director DCActiv

I worked with Phil Humphreys at Diageo for two years and he was the most engaging and inspirational boss I’d ever had. Phil is a passionate connector of people and someone who energises a room. His commitment to developing himself and others shines through in everything he does.

Phil has a rigorous commercial background and is all about performance but he believes that leadership and relationships are probably the most important sources of competitive advantage. It was a natural choice for me to ask Phil to come and inspire my team at an away day and he left a deep an abiding impression with them.”

– Tim Rycroft
European Director of Communications, IHG InterContinental Hotels Group Ltd

“I am confident to say that you are leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else I have come across who offers on paper a similar service. Your delivery and in depth genuine knowledge is in a league of its own.

I very much look forward to working again in the future, and hope this will be something we will be able to do on a regular basis.”

– – Simon James
Owner and Managing Director, Essential Supplies Ltd

“I had the pleasure to meet Phil more than one year ago, and since our first phone conversation, I was fascinated about his strong personality and also his deep knowledge on FMCG in emerging markets. Also, given his brilliant leadership, he is able to achieve a great level of engagement from the people working around him. I personally enjoyed the time we worked together.

His strategic vision but operational understanding of the business, give him a good platform from where he can help any business in designing and implementing its strategy.”

– – Xavier Selga
CEO East Africa Bottling share Company (Coca Cola Bottler Ethiopia)